3 HVAC Tips for This Holiday Season


As the holidays approach, we depend more and more on our heating systems to keep us nice and cozy. When you’re enjoying the snowy weather, opening presents, or sipping a nice cup of warm coffee, it’s likely as enjoyable as it is because your home is toasty.

But the harsh part of this blog post is the reality that for many of us, this time of year can be stressful because of the faults that begin to show with our heating units.

Furnaces in Greenfield, IN are pretty common, which means that having a reliable team on hand to provide fast repairs is essential. Our first bit of advice is to call us if you’re having trouble with your furnace heating system, so we can diagnose the issue and call for repairs. But if you’re not quite there yet, then keep reading to learn a few tips on how to run your system better and avoid issues this holiday season.

Keep the Temperature Mild

One of the best ways to keep your heating system in good shape over the course of the holiday season is to monitor the thermostat. We’re not talking about keeping it as low as possible to reduce your utility bills or anything like that, we’re only talking about keeping temperatures mild.

Mild, in this case, means a temperature that is both comfortable and easy on your furnace system. If you need to wear a sweatshirt on an extra cold day, that’s fine, but if your heating system is trying to keep your home as warm as the beach on a summer’s day, that’s probably going to end poorly.

A mild temperature setting on the thermostat is going to ensure that the heater doesn’t work too hard and your home still remains comfortable. Trying to raise the temperature to 70° and beyond is rarely going to result in more comfortable temperatures, but it could definitely lead to a broken-down furnace.

Change the Air Filter

Here’s a tip: your heating system relies on clean airflow in order to work properly. If the air filter gets clogged up with dirt and debris, which is part of its job, then the system is going to be stifled for fresh air as it tries to heat your home.

Try changing the air filter every one to three months to ensure your heating system has all the fresh air it needs. This can be more frequent if you have pets in the home or are running the system more often. Just remember not to forget this vital component—it’s the one part of your heating system that you can change out without professional help!

Invest in Maintenance and Repairs When Needed

One of the best ways to ensure your furnace makes it through the holiday season is with seasonal maintenance and repairs when they’re needed. Don’t be afraid to call our professionals to diagnose a problem and have something repaired if it doesn’t work right. Likewise, maintenance can be a great way to have the system tuned up and ready to go for another season.


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