3 Tips to Consider for HVAC Maintenance


Fall is one of those seasons where we try to talk about heating maintenance in Greenfield, IN as much as possible. It’s not because we’re trying to sell a particular service, or because we like doing heating maintenance more than repairs, but simply because it’s more effective now. Fall boasts milder temperatures than summer or winter, which means you’re likely not relying on your furnace or heat pump as much as you would otherwise.

In these moments where temperatures aren’t too hot or too cold, it’s easier to get your heating system tuned up.

We’re going to keep this blog post simple and talk about some considerations you might want to remember when scheduling maintenance. From simple reasons why it’s easier to schedule maintenance now, to things that you might not know about your specific heating system’s maintenance protocol. Just keep reading and call us to schedule an appointment!

Maintenance Helps You in the Long Run

Maintenance provides a plethora of bonuses. Here are just a few things you should consider when looking to invest in heating maintenance:

  • Routine maintenance keeps a heating system running efficiently.
  • We clean and maintain components in gas furnaces, keeping them running safely.
  • Components will last longer and with fewer repair needs when maintained by a professional.
  • We test to make sure that your heating system meets your thermostat’s comfort demands.

This is just the start, but all of these benefits can directly help you either now or later. We want customers to think of what could be when they invest in maintenance, not just what is.

Ductless Heat Pumps Run on a Different Maintenance Schedule

Do you rely on a ductless heat pump to keep your home comfortable? If so, then you might want to know some important information about them. Heat pumps require maintenance every 6-months rather than yearly. This is because they work throughout the entire year, and not just in one or two seasons like a regular heater or air conditioner. So, make sure you sign up with us to have your heat pump maintained this fall and next spring!

This also includes centralized heat pump systems as well, and not just ductless units. All heat pumps should be maintained twice per year on a regular basis if you want them to continue functioning efficiently.

It’s Easier to Schedule Maintenance Now

Customers might not want to schedule maintenance now, especially with how busy fall holidays can get, but trust us when we say that it’s easier now than later. In the wintertime, we get many calls for emergency heating repair to the point where it can be hard to schedule an appointment that’s not an emergency. The same thing goes for the summertime: we’re often out of the office trying to fix broken-down air conditioners before the next hot day hits.

In the fall, due to milder temperatures, we have a more open schedule, which means we can help customers who are looking to have maintenance done, instead of emergency repair work. This can work in your favor, meaning we can schedule at your convenience instead of ours!


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