How to Choose the Right HVAC Pro

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The HVAC industry has changed a lot over the past several decades. Back in the old days, one of the best ways to discover a new HVAC technician was to find one through a neighbor or family friend. Trust was hard to come by, and if your friends or family trusted this person, then you could usually trust them too. Phonebooks were a big help as well, with certain HVAC companies taking out big full-page ads to show that they were skilled, trained, and available at your convenience. Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure the phonebook has gone the way of the dinosaur, and things have changed dramatically since then.

But, the good news is that things have changed for the better in most cases. What we mean is that customers, when it comes to heating in Greenfield, IN, have a better chance of finding a friendly, trustworthy, and trained professional just by looking online. Online resources like websites, search engines, and even review systems have put companies like ours in the spotlight and have given us the ability to reach customers we might never have found in the old days.

Licensing, Insurance, and Training

First things first, you need to make sure you have all the bases covered when you hire a pro. Notice how we said “pro” and not just “anyone willing to do the work.” That’s because professionals usually have three things before they start a job that has to do with HVAC technology: licensing, insurance, and training.

  1. Licensing is important because it ensures that they have all the proper certifications and have achieved the right level of previous experience to take on this kind of work. A licensed HVAC contractor is someone you can definitely trust.
  2. Insurance is good because, well let’s face it, things can go wrong sometimes. When a contractor is insured, it means that you’re never going to be held liable for a problem that can happen during a repair, installation, or maintenance appointment. Insurance can pay for accidents that are out of our (and your) control.
  3. Training is valuable because it’s required for different types of heating systems. You’re going to want a trained professional to look at your heat pump, because it’s very different from a furnace or an air conditioner.


Trust is incredibly important when choosing a new HVAC professional. Things like accurate estimates, customer service, and honesty can go a long way in helping form a relationship between a technician and the customer. Make sure they’re always living up to their word and providing you with helpful, honest estimates that they really believe will be the cost.

Check Out the Reviews!

Reviews are a great way to check if a professional is trusted in your area. People will be honest (sometimes too honest) with reviews, so they won’t shy away from labeling the contractors you should stay away from!

Guarantees and Emergency Services

What else does your prospective HVAC provider offer? For instance, our team guarantees every new installation with a “Worry-Free” guarantee, meaning that there’s nothing to worry about when we provide the installation. We also provide 24/7 emergency services for customers who need help at an inconvenient time. These services go a long way in building trust and authority in the local community.


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