3 Big Ways to Save on Your Next Upgrade

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So, the news has come in and it’s certain: you’re going to need a new heating replacement. This can be a rough thing for most families to hear, since those purchase costs can extend well into the thousands of dollars, and they’re usually purchases that people didn’t really plan on. Unfortunately, we know how hard that can be and we just want to start by saying we understand. This isn’t really where you intended your money to go, but a home can’t really be a home without proper heating during the winter.

However, when it comes to choosing a heating installation in Greenfield, IN, there are some distinct ways to save money and minimize how expensive this purchase has to be. With a bit of research in hand and the right professional working alongside you, you can absolutely turn what feels like a loss into a win.

So, let’s discuss three great ways to save on your next big purchase.

1. Tax Incentives

First things first, you’re probably going to save the most money through some kind of tax incentive program put forward from the federal or state government. These are for homeowners who want to upgrade to a new heating system, but might not otherwise have the initial purchasing power to invest in a high-efficiency system, or an all-electric heat pump.

The federal, state, and local governments, they want you to invest in a heat pump or high-efficiency heating system. This means it puts a lower burden on the power grid, lowers carbon emissions, and overall does a good job of keeping everyone happy. This is what we would consider a win-win.

So, there are lots of tax credits you can qualify for that apply to homeowners who make the investment into a heat pump, high-efficiency furnace, or other ENERGY STAR system. Just make sure you do your research ahead of time and work with a trained professional who can walk you through the fine print.

2. Rebates From Manufacturers

Manufacturers also want you to upgrade to a high-efficiency system. Major manufacturers have huge research and development departments that are constantly trying to figure out new, more energy-efficient ways to heat and cool homes across the country. Once they develop new technology that can save on energy and cut costs, they want customers to purchase this system. How can they do that if people are happy with the older systems that are still chugging along, albeit less efficiently?

Well, many manufacturers offer certain deals or rebates that you can apply for if you upgrade. This is also a win-win since it gives the company a sale and it also gives you a huge reduction on the price so it’s a more affordable system to purchase.

3. Seasonal Deals

Every HVAC company will offer seasonal or special deals depending on their own inventory or staffing. Pay attention to some of the promotions we offer and you might spot an additional way to save on your next big purchase.

And, if you’re still struggling to make that call, be sure to contact our team and work with us for financing options to ensure that you can get comfortable, efficient heat in your home for as low a cost as possible.


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