Is Early AC Repair Better?

An air conditioner being fixed

The short answer is yes, absolutely. But to answer that question in full, we need to discuss a few nuanced points about air conditioning repair. When you detect a problem, no matter what time of the year it is, you should get it fixed. Greenfield AC repair is offered to residential customers all the time, because air conditioners don’t usually choose the most convenient times to have trouble. But some people think it would be better if they forgot about their air conditioning problems until the next spring or summer when they need the AC again. This makes sense in theory, because you won’t be relying on your AC until then, but in practice it can yield some bad results.

Down below, we’ll get into the reasons why skipping AC repair until a convenient time for you and your family might make things more expensive in the long run.

Early AC Repair Is More Convenient

Convenience plays a larger role in air conditioning repair than we might think. Heck, convenience plays a role in pretty much everything we do! If something is inconvenient or doesn’t work to our liking, we’re way less likely to do it.

Early air conditioning repair is more convenient because it’s usually during a season where it’s not as much of an emergency. Getting your AC fixed when it’s 50° out compared to getting it fixed when it’s 100° out is a big difference. You’re way more likely to wait for a few days until your favorite technician has a chance to check the system out. In the summertime, a few days during a heatwave can be unbearable.

So, make things convenient for yourself by getting AC repairs now, while you’re in better shape to do so.

Prevent Problems From Getting Worse

A problem that doesn’t get addressed quickly, or at least when the problem first develops, is at risk of getting worse over time. This isn’t a scare tactic, it’s just reality.

For instance, if a screw becomes loose or disconnected in the compressor of your air conditioner, it’s going to jostle around due to the system functioning or air coming through the vents. It could accidentally bump into another component and cause that component to fail or become loose as well, creating a compounding effect that gets worse over time.

Basically, any problem can get worse over time, so quick repairs are the easiest and cheapest solution.

Dust, Debris, and Critters

Sometimes there are other things that can affect a problem in your AC. For instance, if you’ve got nesting critters in or near the outdoor cabinet, then a problem could be made a lot worse. Or, dust and debris could be working their way into your air conditioner to make a problem a lot worse if your system has encountered harsh weather.

Anything like this can happen, and it can happen over long periods of time. Even if you think your air conditioner is safe sitting outside during the winter or spring, if it’s got a problem, that problem could be easily made worse.


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