AC FAQ: What Is an “AC Repair?”

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If you were to search online for “AC repair near me” in any search engine, you’d get a lot of results. Many of those results would be sheer advertising, asking you to call or sign up now to get a professional on the line. Don’t get us wrong, we advertise our work just as hard as anyone else, but rarely will you stumble on an article that talks about the details of AC repair.

For anyone with questions, like a curious DIY homeowner or someone with some extra time, these kinds of blogs will be more helpful than one simply telling you to call for service. What is an AC repair? How does an AC just break? Why are some repairs more expensive than others?

These are great questions, and ultimately, they’re going to help us guide you through the basics of AC repair. Just remember that at the end of the day, you will need professional support for most of these problems, but at least you’ll know that you can trust us for an accurate explanation.

What Is AC Repair?

Sometimes, air conditioners can have various different types of problems, from refrigerant leaks to a broken blower system. The list of possibilities is endless. When this happens, the system is usually still too young to be replaced and it just needs a component to be fixed or swapped out.

Licensed technicians like the ones on our team are experts at two things in this regard—diagnosing the problem and getting it fixed. The diagnosis is where we locate the source of the problem and figure out if anything else has been affected by it. The fix is where we actually fix the issue and leave things in good shape.

How Might an AC Just Break?

We put our air conditioners under a lot of stress every year. It’s normal for them to run into a few problems or have components break under all that pressure. Obviously your system shouldn’t be breaking every single year, but you shouldn’t be alarmed if it runs into problems every once in a while.

Why Are Some Repairs More Expensive Than Others?

Different components of an AC are more valuable than others. For instance a broken blower fan or a rubber belt that needs to be replaced is going to be less expensive than a faulty compressor. The compressor, arguably the heart of the air conditioner, is the most intricate, complex, and expensive component of the whole system. The cost of your repair is going to heavily depend on the component that breaks.

What’s the Difference Between Each Licensed Technician?

If you’re deciding between multiple technicians on different teams, then ultimately your choice is going to be based on preference. As long as a professional technician is licensed, certified, and insured, you’re in good hands.

However, choosing a technician that you don’t like or that’s unfriendly is obviously going to be a more negative experience than choosing onee you do like. Also, if one company offers various perks, bonuses, and touts a better record, then you’re more likely to receive better care from them than other pros out there.

The choice is yours, but trust your gut!


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