The “Goldilocks Problem” With Water Heaters


Water heater service can be tricky. Depending on the problem, a water heater can have all sorts of malfunctions. They can leak, run into sediment problems, corrode, and even have trouble regulating the temperature. While we don’t have the time and space to talk about every problem your water heater can exhibit, we will focus on one: poor temperature regulation.

Every water heater has a temperature setting that is usually set up by a professional that specifies the temperature the water will be kept at. Then, when it’s sent to your appliance, it mixes with cold water for your desired temperature specification.

However, sometimes homeowners can find their water to be brutally cold even if it’s supposed to be hot. Or, the water might be scalding hot when it’s supposed to be warm. This can be a big problem with a water heater installation in Greenfield, and we aim to fix it.

Your Water Is Too Cold

If your water is too cold, then your water heater simply might not be working. We’d advise calling for professional help to at least diagnose the problem, but if your water heater is in too rough shape (or if it’s ten or more years old) then it is likely in need of a replacement.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to replace an old tank water heater with a new tank. There are other available systems out there like tankless water heaters! These systems can superheat your water as it enters your home so that it’s ready to use without being stored in a tank.

Your Water Is Too Hot

This is a problem called scalding and it’s basically the issue of having water that’s way too hot coming through the pipes. There can be many reasons for this issue.

One common reason why this problem crops up is due to improper temperature settings on your water heater. Someone could’ve bumped it or tried DIY work on your water heater, turning the temperature too high. This can cause it to send more hot water than is needed to your plumbing appliances.

It Has to Be Just Right!

Just like the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears (regardless of how you feel about porridge), the only solution to this problem is having a water temperature that’s “just right.” This requires your water heater to be in good shape.

We want homeowners to feel empowered turning the hot/cold spigots of their faucets and showers to test the water. Turn it all the way hot, all the way cold, and somewhere in the middle—see how powerful your water heater is and explore whether it’s struggling or not.

For instance, if your water heater hits a good temperature that feels comfortable, then suddenly goes too hot or too cold, that’s a clue that the system has a problem and you’re likely in need of professional service. Or, you might need to invest in a new water heater installation to take its place.


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