5 Essential Warm Weather Tips

Fan Air

While it’s not quite summer yet, we’re all smart enough to know what comes after spring. This means that hot temperatures are on their way, whether we’re prepared for them or not. So, get those grills and bathing suits ready, since those hot months will be here before you know it!

But with warmer weather comes uncomfortable mugginess, scorching hot temperatures, and an overloaded air conditioner. It’s pretty common for us to get a great deal of AC repair calls during the hottest months of the year because of how much stress they can be under.

This blog is going to focus on air conditioning in Greenfield, especially with some tips that can help keep your home comfortable and protected from the heat.

1. Stay Hydrated

Even if your air conditioner is struggling, you’ll still survive. Human beings are actually well-equipped to deal with heat, up until a certain point. If your air conditioner still isn’t making you feel as comfortable as you’d like to be, remember to stay hydrated.

Your refrigerator can be a key component to cooling during the warmest months of the year. Try putting a gallon of water in there with some cut cucumber slices or lemon for flavoring, and remember to stay hydrated! Sweating is a natural way that your body cools down, and it’s going to make things feel cooler as long as your body isn’t dehydrated.

2. Run Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a great aid to an air conditioner. While your AC is making things cool, a ceiling fan can help circulate that air so it’s felt by everyone in the family. Even though the temperature might not fluctuate very much with the help of a ceiling fan, it will feel like the temperature has dropped because the fresh breeze will help evaporate sweat off your body, which reduces your overall temperature.

3. Change Your Air Filter

We know we talk about this component a lot, but it’s worth another reminder. Change out your air conditioner’s air filter to help it run more efficiently. Your home might even feel cooler after a quick AC air filter change-up.

4. Close Windows and Doors

In order for your air conditioner to work well, your home needs to be insulated. If windows and doors are open, then that cool, conditioned air is going to escape into the atmosphere. Just remember to keep things closed and sealed so your home feels more comfortable.

5. Go Lower

You’re probably aware of the fact that heat rises, but did you know that this can also be attributed to the floors of your home? A house with multiple stories will have warmer upper levels compared to the bottom levels. Basements are always easier to cool than attics.

If your home has a finished basement, then be sure to spend more time down there during the hottest days of the summer. Not only are basements easier to cool and feel cooler than other rooms of the home, but all of this is done naturally without your air conditioner working harder.


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