3 HVAC Industry Secrets to Learn Now


The HVAC industry is large and there are a lot of professionals you’ll meet on your journey for air conditioning or heating support. But one thing is clear, the most reputable and trustworthy technicians will let you in on some industry secrets that might save you money or give you more time to make an educated decision.

An amateur or a less-reputable technician might be fine with your system breaking down due to human error or a foreseeable problem. A team like ours goes out of its way to ensure that customers have the tools and information to make the best decision for their home and budget, and we can be there to play a supporting role.

So, with these three industry secrets, we’d like you to start thinking of us as your reputable team that’s going to give you the inside scoop—even if we don’t gain anything other than your trust.

1. Invest in Furnace Repairs During the Summer

This might sound like a weird point, but we promise it can be hugely helpful for many customers. Summertime is usually when air conditioning is the top priority. Then, when winter rolls around, we’ll get mostly calls for Greenfield furnace repair, since the change in weather requires different systems to provide comfort.

However, things are always busy during the peak summer and winter seasons. In August, for example, we’re constantly running around trying to make sure that people’s air conditioning units last for the rest of the season. Likewise, in January we’re doing the best we can to ensure people stay safe and protected from the cold. This can be a nightmare if you’re experiencing a problem and technicians are extremely busy.

However, if your furnace is broken or in need of repair, you’re way more likely to get a good deal and fast responses if you schedule it in a season when it’s not relied on as heavily. A technician can take their time addressing the problem and give you a thorough diagnosis. The same rule can be applied for air conditioning in the winter.

2. Change Your Air Filter Regularly

The air filter is a bit of a conundrum to a lot of homeowners. It looks and seems like it’s there as a luxury product to make your home more breathable and to trap contaminants. But that’s really not the case at all.

Air filters are designed to protect your air conditioning and heating system. There are sensitive components inside of the system that can become damaged or unusable if they get covered in dirt or dust. The air filter ensures that your system (which you paid a lot of money for) continues to work properly for the rest of its lifespan.

3. Schedule Maintenance and Stay Ahead of Problems

Telling someone to invest in maintenance doesn’t seem like an industry secret, but telling someone why maintenance is so important definitely does.

Maintenance helps you avoid the vast majority of repair needs throughout the lifespan of your system. Many problems can even be addressed during maintenance at no extra cost, meaning your system runs more efficiently and reliably without needing to call for help.


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