A Fall Checklist for Ready Homeowners

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Is anyone ever truly “ready” for the fall? It’s usually such a hectic time of year, and can be too hot or too cold in the beginning. Then, by the time the winter is almost here, it’s exceptionally cold and we don’t even feel like we’re in fall anymore. These kinds of things can make anyone feel like these weather events are taking us by surprise.

In reality, there are always a few things you can do to stay confident and prepared for the weather ahead. Our team specializes in services like heating maintenance in Greenfield which are designed to stave off repairs ahead of time and keep money in our customers’ pockets.

By getting your heating system maintained, and also following our fall checklist, you’ll be in great shape to deal with the cold weather ahead and to ultimately feel better about your home comfort.

Let’s get started!

1. Change the Air Filter

First of all, we recommend all of our customers to start by changing out their air filters. These components are included in all forced-air heating and air conditioning systems, and they’re vital to both your home’s energy efficiency and your comfort.
A homeowner can easily change out this component. If you need any help with this part of the process, be sure to call us for a guide.

2. Clean Things Up a Bit

A lot of dust has collected over the last few months. This is pretty normal. But that dust, combined with extra storage and those bags of old clothes that you’re waiting to donate, can easily cause the heating system to get stifled.
We’d recommend cleaning around your heating unit so that there’s about 2–3 feet of open space around it for maximum ventilation and efficiency.

3. Invest in Early Repairs

If your heating system was showing signs of a problem last year, then it needs to be fixed. Likewise, if your air conditioner is running into issues at the end of the cooling season, it should be fixed early instead of waiting for next summer to address the problems.
Trust us, the quicker and earlier you get problems fixed, the better off you’ll be!

4. Schedule Maintenance

Don’t forget to schedule yearly maintenance for your heating system! This is a comprehensive service where a professional technician inspects your system, adjusts it, and even makes minor repairs to ensure it’s ready for the future.
Maintenance goes a long way toward extending the lifespan of your heating technology. You’ll get more out of your system, feel more comfortable, and save money in the long run by investing in such a great service.

5. Set Your Thermostat

Don’t forget to properly set your thermostat! This is the brain of your HVAC system, and it ultimately controls the technology you have working so hard to keep things comfortable.

Switch your thermostat to heating mode and make sure it’s set correctly. Otherwise, feel free to call us for help.


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