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Humidifier and Dehumidifier Services in Greenfield, IN

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When you’re dealing with the sweltering heat of summer, the one thing that can make it even worse is high humidity. On the flip side, when humidity levels are too low in the winter, it can make you feel even chillier, and cause both health and structural issues in your living space. Fortunately, you can count on Jake's Heating, Air & Plumbing for humidifier and dehumidifier services in Greenfield.

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During the summer, dehumidifiers go the extra mile to rid your home of unwanted moisture, while during the winter a humidifier will keep that dry air at bay. These systems can only work as expected, though, if professionally installed and serviced by a qualified team.

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Humidifier Installation

You’re more than familiar with the humidity that Greenfield area residents have to deal with all summer long, so it can seem strange to think about adding a whole-house humidifier to your home. But when wintertime hits and humidity levels drop down to below 30%, you’ll be grateful you have one. Humidifiers prevent virus transmission among household occupants and even prevent structural damage caused by dry air.

Humidifier Repair

Have you noticed the air is dry in your home, despite having your humidifier running? You may be in need of a humidifier repair! It’s possible too, that the system could be aging and you’re due for a humidifier replacement. Contact Jake’s crew and let us be the judge!

Dehumidifier Installation

The ideal relative humidity level in any given home is between 30% to 50%. Anything above this range is considered too humid, and can have frustrating and unhealthy consequences. Too much moisture leads to mold growth and water damage. If you notice this issue in your living space, it’s time to call us for dehumidifier installation, or if you already have an older system in place, potentially dehumidifier replacement.

Dehumidifier Repair

The best way to fend off the worst of repair needs is with dehumidifier maintenance. This allows our technicians to inspect and adjust any components that need it, to ensure that your dehumidifier operates as it should for the years to come. Of course, if you do need dehumidifier repair, we’re the team to call!

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