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“We have been very satisfied with the work you have done for us. Keep up the good work.” – Wanda C.

“We just paid the $100 deductible. Their customer service was wonderful, probably the best I’ve ever had through a home warranty. They came out within three hours! They did a plumbing repair when we first moved into our home as well.” – Jay J.

“They gave a call 30 minutes before arriving and worked on our furnace for a couple hours until the heat was back on. The furnace took several new parts, so they had to leave and grab them and come back. At the end of the evening everything was cleaned up and fixed. Jake who came out was very courteous and friendly explained exactly was was going on. He did a good job as well as not to track in more snow and salt.” – Farrah B.

“I was very pleased with how quickly Jake was able to come to the property, diagnose the problem and do the repair. I call Jake for all our heating and cooling repairs and maintenance at our residence and rental properties. He is very dependable and the work is done as quickly as possible. You guys are awesome!!!! Thank you!!! Its always a pleasure working with you guys. Thank you for the referral from your friends.” – Mike K.

“Jake’s Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing fixed my broken furnace. I thought they were very knowledgeable and helpful.” – Penny H.

“Jake was great. He was timely, professional, and very knowledgeable. So far we’ve been very pleased with his work. My only complaint, not at all related to the work performed, would be that we had to follow-up after the initial visit to find out about and schedule the actual work to be completed. Jake needed to order a part and so couldn’t finish the job right away and more than that our service call was during a huge winter storm so we figured there would be a slight delay. I’m sure that his normal practice is to be on top of communication though.” – Janna B.

“A worker from Jake’s called me the next day and said that nobody could come to our house until about 4 days later. She was concerned that I was completely without heat and suggested that maybe I should call someone else. I explained how the problem happened intermittently and said we should be fine waiting for them to come out. When the technician came out I was at work but my wife was home. My wife said the technician found an issue with the water line and pvc pipe connected to the furnace that was causing it to run like it was. He cut off come of the PVC pipe and did a few other adjustments and the furnace is running fine now. He looked at the baseboard heater and decided it shorted out. He could not fix it as part of the warranty coverage because it was considered a secondary heat source but he said I could get a new baseboard heater at a hardware store for a pretty low price and might be able to install it myself. They said to call them if we wanted them to come back for anything. We may take them up on that in the near future.” – Brian F.

“The service I had at Jake’s was absolutely top notch! They were prompt with coming out and when issues arose were willing to come out on a Saturday to fix the problem. I was extremely impressed.” –Kent I.

“Jake’s Heating and Cooling came out to do our fall cleaning and inspection. Morgan stated that we MUST replace the existing 27 year old furnace due to a carbon monoxide leak and a severely rusted component. Scheduled the service. Will arrived promptly at 8 am to begin the install. Removed old furnace and replaced the necessary duct work. I explained I thought the was a gas leak, Will found it and repaired it. Will and Eric left the garage cleaner than they found it. HSA initially made the recommendation to use Jake’s for our AC repair back in July and we are glad they did!” – Jeffrey S.

“I have only been in my house for a few months and discovered the heating/air conditioning system was not operating well. This company was contacted as a result of my home warranty. They were very easy to work with on scheduling. Gary came out on 11/11/2013 to check my furnace and thermostat for proper heating. He checked all of the vents and had to open several of them in order to provide heat to the rooms. A couple of the ceiling vents were not operational. He fixed most of them and was going to check on ordering replacement parts for me. My thermostat wasn’t working properly and he said he would need to replace it. However, he made sure we had heat and that it was getting into the places we needed it. Jessica from Jake’s office called back the same day to set up a return day and time for Gary to replace the thermostat. Gary returned this afternoon with a helper and they installed the new thermostat, showed us how to use it as well as adjusting the humidifier. Gary is checking with his distributor to find replacements for the vents. I feel very confident that I will hear from him soon. The overall experience was great.” – Kathleen W.

“They fixed my emergency heat. It was just a loose wire. I had Mr Quick look at it and they said it was bad and wanted me to put in a whole new unit for $4500.00 Jake’s Heating saved me a lot of money. They did a great job, they fixed the problem faster then Mr Quick could figure out that they wanted to tell me that it was broken and needed to be replaced.” – Tim S.

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